The work you do as a student is the culmination of hours of intensive research in the campus library, and you want to be sure that the final documents are properly presented before you pass them over to your university’s academic staff for assessment and feedback.

At Instaprint, we offer a wide variety of student printing services which will allow students to present a report in the best possible way, using our state of the art printing facilities, and once your work is printed, we can offer several book binding methods to give you the professional finish.

The simplest, low cost method is saddle stitching. Your single sided or double sided work is assembled by folding or creasing larger sheets of paper before being stapled with specialist equipment. It’s ideal for lower page counts. Make it more durable by adding a card cover. If you’d rather have the work sewn than stapled, ask about pamphlet binding.

Your next option is called Perfect Binding. This is the kind of binding you’d find in a paperback book, or a catalogue. We print your work in sections, and fuse these onto a spine. You may also want to try PUR Perfect Binding, which is a more durable form of Perfect Binding which ensures the sections won’t fall out after repeated use.

Also using sections is a process called Section Sewn, which is a very secure method. This time, the sections are sewn together along the adhesive spine. This method allows work to lie flat, which others don’t.

Wire binding is something you’ve probably seen before. A hole punch is used to create holes in the spine of your work, and a wire coil is threaded through the holes. For a little extra, you can have the wires safely encased in a hard cover.

For portfolios, we’d recommend screw post binding. We use removable screws, which allow you to add more pages as time goes on while maintaining a high quality finish which you can take out with you to show prospective employers.

If you’re not sure about the best way to bind your work, visit the student printing page on our site. As a responsible student-friendly printer, Instaprint will do our best to support you during your studies, using our state of the art printers to produce your document in the most professional way.

Please contact us, to discuss your student printing requirements and how we can work together to ensure your document is produced to the highest standard.

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