The single most important marketing tool any business might have is its business cards. They might be tiny but business cards punch above their weight when it comes to helping a business establish its brand.

Business cards have a visual impact that you never get with a digital contact card that is transferred from phone to phone. These have their uses – you know for sure your contact details have been entered into a client’s phone. However, a well-designed and professionally printed card can do so much more for a business than simply give someone your phone number and email address.

Using both sides adds considerable value to a business card, making it much more likely to be kept by your contact. Some examples that have been used successfully include a calendar, a diary of events, a map of the town or local area with amenities and your premises helpfully in the centre. Vouchers and promotional offers also work well depending on the type of business. The back of a business card is also the ideal place to showcase your brand through visual images, or words with a visual design. For small businesses or sole traders, you could consider listing your rates or more information on the services offered.

Even a simple graphic on the back will make a business card look more professional. While there is an argument in favour of the traditional, blank back approach to allow for the scribbling of notes, using an image that’s light in colour or has a lot of white space could do the same thing while making your card stand out.

You know your business best and will have a good idea of the optimum design and graphics to use for your brand. Someone with design flair could also create their own layout or adapt a template design for their use.

However, to ensure that business cards have the maximum impact, and don’t look old-fashioned or cheap, as can happen with some template designs, get them professionally printed both front and back with a design created specifically for your organisation.

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