Amongst the many forms of advertising and marketing tools used by businesses to promote their brand and product, an often-overlooked option is that of flag and banner printing.

Outdoor banners and flags are highly-visible promotional tools that can be used in many different business environments to effectively highlight your company name and services – here are some reasons to invest in this affordable and flexible form of marketing:

  • Easily assembled
  • Completely customisable
  • Cost effective
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Practical and effective
  • Displayed in many locations

Flags and banners are easily assembled

Many forms of outside or external advertising can be cumbersome and difficult to construct – billboards and large signs are labour-intensive with regards to both manpower and equipment to put into place.

Outdoor flags, however, are easy to both construct and dismantle when required – a flagpole, base and the flag itself are all you need to hoist up your advertising sign quickly and easily.    

Banners and flags are completely customisable

Advertising flags and banners are completely customisable – corporate competition can be fierce and relaying your company brand and image to potential customers or clients is essential for your business.

There are many different forms, sizes and shapes of advertising flags and they can all prove effective advertising vehicles in the right environment. Smaller flags, such as feather or teardrop flags, are ideal in an area of heavy footfall whilst larger flags and banners create attention from a distance, so are perfect for roadside advertising.

Outside flags and banners can be printed with any design, so you can customise them with your unique company logo, images, colours and slogans to effectively and boldly promote your business.

Banners and flags offer cost effective advertising

Businesses can spend a lot of money on advertising – some marketing mediums can prove very expensive. Flag and banner printing are a perfect investment for a smaller business or a company with a limited marketing budget – you are only paying for the initial printing and production of your outdoor banners and flags, so there are no ‘ongoing’ costs or advertising space fees required to get the full effective use of your advertising! 

Banner and flags can be displayed in a variety of locations

Many advertising vehicles require larger spaces to display their marketing message – horizontal space is often at a premium. Outdoor flags utilise vertical space so are especially effective in crowded business environments such as a market, trade fayre or outdoor event.

At a busy business event your advertising flags are easy to put up and will grab the attention of potential customers with their lofty position above other businesses advertising.

Banner and flags are lightweight and easily portable

Along with the ease of use and flexible positioning, the very nature of outdoor banners and flags makes them very ease to transport from location to location. They are lightweight and portable as well as being durable and weather-resistant, allowing you to display them in prime positions at any business event.

Flags and banners are practical and effective

Given all the practical benefits and advantages already mentioned you should not overlook the prime and most important reason for advertising – to draw attention to your brand and product!

Flag and banner printing will give you access to many potential customers and reinforce your company brand wherever they are displayed in any environment – it is an affordable and highly effective form of marketing!