Or are they?  In our last article we looked at the role of the humble business card, and observed that despite the fact that so many of them are discarded so quickly, and that we now live in an age when contact information is readily available online, the business card still has a valuable role.

So what about leaflets and flyers?  Are these still useful, or relevant, or important?  Well, much like with the business card, it’s true to say that much – if not all – of the information stored on the average leaflet or flyer will be available online, and is therefore easy to find and also update (with the added benefit that this doesn’t result in out-of-date flyers taking up cupboard space in the corner of the office somewhere, with the associated wasted cost).

So why have them at all?  Why not rely on the internet and the quality of your web-site?  Our guess is that simply asking the question begins to answer it.  For starters:

  • your clients need to find your web-site in the first place!
  • collateral to handout at trade shows and exhibitions
  • your leaflets and flyers can be mailed out in marketing campaigns
  • they can act as “teasers” for your clients to request further information
  • they will serve as reminders of your company and its products and services
  • increased brand awareness

The important point is, as with so many areas of your business, you need different ways of communicating your company’s message, and the leaflet and the flyer both play a role.

We keep mentioning leaflets and flyers – what’s the difference?

We’re tempted to quote the great man and say:

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet …

Although there can be some overlap, and we don’t need to concern ourselves too much with the definitions, essentially flyers tend to be printed onto thickish paper or card whilst leaflets are printed onto thinner paper.  This needs to be taken into account when, for example, you consider quantities and the weight of the paper used – it makes sense to economise whenever possible.

What do we mean by “quality” in a leaflet and flyer?

The Dictionary tells us that quality is “… the degree of excellence of something …”, which is a very good starting point.   What you will be striving to achieve with your clients is a sense of being excellent in all that you do.  That way you will win, retain, and develop more business from them – and differentiate yourselves from your less than excellent competitors.

So having ascertained that flyers have a role, clearly they need to be excellent too …


Even if the client already knows about you, a quality document will project excellence, the corollary being that a poor quality document will project the opposite.  It’s probably better to have no flyer at all than a bad one!

What, then, makes a quality flyer?  Here are some characteristics to think about:

  • the design
  • the content
  • “a picture paints a thousand words”
  • the paper its printed on

all leading to…








So how do I create impactful flyers online?

The good news is – it’s really easy!  You can of course design your own, or choose from an online selection of templates where:

  1. the design work has already been done for you
  2. thus saving you time
  3. and also saving you money
  4. you can order them any time you want to, 24/7
  5. ordering is really quick, and easy, and secure
  6. there will be several designs to choose from
  7. your flyers will usually only take a few days to arrive, and there will often be a same day service if you need them urgently

Can I see some samples?

Absolutely!  Click here for an extensive range of brilliant designs.

I’m convinced!  How do I order?

All you have to do is follow the link, or give us a call any time on 0115 895 0130

and we’ll be absolutely delighted to help you create the perfect flyer.