Promoting your business through marketing is essential for most companies. It can, however, be an expensive overhead, especially for small businesses worked from a limited advertising budget. Many small businesses now market their products and services through social media, apps, and other digital platforms, but more traditional printed marketing materials still have a considerable impact in building business trust and relationships with customers, as well as establishing and reinforcing brands.

Here are some examples of promotional print options that small businesses should consider using to boost your business:

Digital poster printing for advertising campaigns

If your business is planning an advertising or marketing campaign then poster printing is an effective way to promote special offers. They can be used indoors, or outside, to inform and entice customers into your business premises. Modern digital printers can produce posters from A3 or A4, as digital laser print, up to posters sized 1.5 metres in width, using ink jet roll materials up to 30 metres in length. The posters can be produced with a range of paper finishes – plain uncoated, gloss or silk coated.

As mentioned, some smaller businesses may not have an extensive marketing budget to play with, so digital poster printing is ideal. It is very cost effective, especially when compared with costs of other marketing media such as advertising in newspapers or magazines.

Achieve high visibility with large posters

If you want promotional posters to display outdoors, then they can be produced as double-sided gloss laminates – ideal for use in ‘A’ frames. They provide high visibility – they can be displayed almost anywhere, and are ideal for ‘local’ advertising where your business is situated and in the community from which you may draw the majority of your customers. These digital printing services can also be used to produce backlit posters for advertising light-boxes.

Short print runs are ideal for last minute advertising

Modern digital printing techniques allow printing runs of any volume to be easily produced – so if your business only wants a small number of printed materials then short run poster printing is not a problem! Same-day poster printing is also available if you find yourself in a ‘last minute’ advertising crisis!

Small businesses may not always have the internal expertise or staff to produce and manage a print marketing campaign, so we can provide a fully managed service for commercial posters and print marketing materials.

Full range of promotional print options

Aside from the digital poster printing services, you can order many other forms of effective promotional printing that a small business can benefit from:

  • Flyers
  • Leaflets
  • Booklets or catalogues
  • Banners

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