When it comes to van wraps John E Wright are vehicle branding specialists.

Your vehicle is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your business. As you drive around your branding will be seen by potentially thousands of people in your area every single day.

Apply a van wrap instantly transforms any work van of fleet into a key marketing tool. It’s not just something reserved for big companies even sole traders can easily take advantage of all the benefits vinyl van wraps have to offer.

Your van wrap needs to be installed correctly and at John E Wight we have a long history of proven experience in both the design and installation. We’ll be delighted to talk you through all the options available.

Let us take the hard work away and complete every stage of your van wrap from ideas to design, production and installation.

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Create the most effective van wrap design

Well-designed van graphics will catch the attention and interest of hundreds of people every day as your company vehicles travel around their respective areas.

Consider How Much Of Your Van You Want To Wrap

The first thing to consider in regard to your van wrap design is whether you want to partially, or fully, wrap your vehicle. A full wrap will, obviously, provide a wider scope for more expansive design, but partial wraps can be equally effective if the design is thoughtful and professional.

Keep all branding consistent

As with all advertising, the initial aspect is to get your brand noticed – so your van graphics should contain your company logo, and be displayed in your corporate colours and any font that you use in other merchandising and promotional activities.

Your van wrap design doesn’t need to be restricted to just these features, but ensure that other aspects displayed are in keeping with, and complimentary to, those core elements and colours. Remember, your van wraps have to be attractive and interesting, as well purveying your message, so a balanced, cohesive van wrap design will be most effective.

Visibility and readability

Whilst van graphics are a different, and highly effective, form of advertising, bear in mind the differences from this to other marketing tools. Unlike other, static, marketing displays, this form of advertising will spend a large part of the time on the move – so consider that aspect when designing your display.

Whilst your van, when parked or in static traffic, can be easily read by passers-by and other motorists, when the vehicle is moving, then smaller, more detailed aspects of a design will be less distinguishable or easy to read. Opt for one or two major focal points that people can comfortably ‘make out’ and understand your message.

Keep it simple

A follow-on from the previous point, any form of marketing needs to convey its’ message quickly and clearly – and that aspect is even more important if your advertising ‘hoarding’ is moving!

Keep your van graphics simple – if your design is too ‘busy’, it will be more difficult for potential customers to understand and grasp the point of your display if it speeds past them!

Visual display that is clear and concise will be the most effective use of your van wraps – try to portray your message pictorially where possible. Text that is ‘wordy’ and detailed will prove too difficult to absorb and understand as the vehicle is moving – try to keep the number of individual elements of the advertising display to a minimum.

Include only the essential information – you are trying to get your corporate brand name and image across to people, so the only text your van wrap design should essentially include is your business name and contact information. Any more than that will be difficult for people to absorb – and especially avoid including any business information that is liable to change – employee names, sales, special offers and such – you don’t want your vehicles displaying outdated or incorrect information.