Many businesses attend and display at business fairs, conventions, exhibitions and such, as part of their overall corporate marketing and promotional strategy – they can provide great exposure for your company’s products, services, and brand. The key to successful promotion at these events though, is visibility – it is no use having great products if you cannot attract the attention of potential customers to your display stand to see and hear about them!

Effective outdoor event signage can bring these valuable customers to you by grabbing their attention within the event site – here are some suggestions to help you with your outdoor event signage choices:

Reasons for outdoor signage

There are many reasons to use outdoor signage at business conventions, fairs and exhibitions – good quality outdoor event signage can promote and reinforce your brand awareness and presence, it can boost sales for your products and services, it can attract the attention of prospective customers and guide and direct them to your stall or tent.

Event signage tips

There are a few key aspects to consider for your event signage – firstly, size is important – these are often big events spread over a distance, so your signs should be big and bold to attract attention. Ensure that the colours and content of your signage is relevant to the theme of the event and position the signs in prominent key places around the event to garner the interest of event attendees. When planning your event printing requirements for the occasion, remember to consider the possible weather conditions to which your signage may be subjected – ensure you use signage that is appropriate for all possible conditions including wind and rain.

Outdoor banners and flags

To attract initial attention of event attendees, printed outdoor banners and flags are ideal – they can be big, brash and colourful, creating an eye-catching display that attendees will respond to and encourage them to seek out your display stand. They can be printed in all sizes and customised to suit your business’ individual requirements and are highly effective marketing tools at trade shows.


A-Boards, also known as sandwich boards or signs, are perfect for outdoor events. Usually seen on pavements in high footfall locations such as shopping precincts and high streets, they are also ideal for trade shows and other outdoor events – they are easily positioned and, being portable and light, can be deployed in varying locations around the event site at different times. They are great for placing around key areas of the event like the entrance to the site itself and your personal display stand or tent.


Branded stickers are ideal for these events – versatile, portable, cheap and can be deployed in many locations around an event site. These customised, printed stickers can be produced in different sizes and shapes and can be used to decorate and direct attendees and can even be handed out as ‘freebies’ to those visiting or passing your display stand.

Wayfinding Signage

Often referred to as directional signage, wayfinding signage is important at these outdoor events – these signs can display arrows and instructions to guide attendees to different parts of the event site and directly to your display stand! They also help with the overall organisation and smooth-running of the event by providing direction to common facilities such as refreshment areas, entrances and exits, first aid services and bathrooms.

Customised tents

If your company is using a tent for your corporate display at the event, then bringing attention to your display is key – well-designed customised tents will stand-out and attract attention. A great canvas for boldly displaying your corporate logo and colours, customised tents are ideal promotional tools at big events.

Outdoor signage is important to marketing and promoting your business at outdoor events – creatively designed signage will attract initial attention and can then provide valuable information and guidance to visitors directing them to your display. When considering your event printing remember to include effective promotional signs such as outdoor banners and wayfinding signage to ensure you have the best exterior signage at the event.   

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