Businesses spend a lot of money on marketing and advertising their brand and products or service. One of the most effective forms of marketing is the prominent use of sign letter printing on the company premises. The sign outside of your shop, warehouse or offices is often the first identifying marker for potential customers or clients – it is important that it looks good and professional!

It is the initial focal point of your business – so it needs to be bold, bright and eye-catching to grab the attention of the people you are trying to attract. So, the type of signage you opt for is very important – a form of lettering that is highly effective is channel lettering, or metal letter signage. This signage comprises of 3D lettering, shapes and images that will be clearly seen throughout the day and can be illuminated, if required, to advertise your business throughout the night as well!

Here are some aspects to take into account when considering your sign letter printing requirements:

Sign letters are personal and customisable

Using channel lettering for your signage allows you to personalise and specifically customize your display and message. You can include any colours, sizes, fonts and custom shapes into your signage design as well as choosing to have it illuminated, if desired. It can display your company logo, tagline or message in bold, or cursive, lettering allowing you to create the perfect sign and image for your business.

Metal letters are resilient and sturdy

Metal sign letters are extremely durable and long-lasting. Marketing and advertising materials can prove to be an expensive overhead for a business, and the resilience and longevity of metal sign letters will save you money over a period of time, as your signage will not need replacing very often.

Sign lighting is environmentally friendly

If you are using channel lettering for your sign, the LED lighting has a long life and will last for many years without the need for replacing. This, not only, makes this form of signage cost-effective, but is also environmentally-friendly – a very important aspect of business and public perception these days.

Eye catching and prominent signs

Metal sign lettering makes a bold statement – when correctly and prominently placed, it will provide excellent visibility twenty-four hours a day, constantly displaying your company logo and presence. As this form of signage is so durable, your brand image can be enhanced prominently throughout the year with these metal sign letters.


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