Amongst the many advertising tools and vehicles employed by businesses to market their products and services to potential and existing customers, poster printing has long been a popular option. Traditionally though, it has proven perhaps a somewhat expensive printing option often utilised by bigger companies with healthy marketing budgets. The costs of initial set-up and design have proven restrictive to smaller businesses as, to make poster printing cost effective, larger volume print runs would be required.

Updated digital poster printing methods have reduced those overheads dramatically and made short run poster printing a viable and affordable option for any business to access – as well as the new affordability, here are some benefits of short run poster printing for you to consider: 

A quick, easy and reactive marketing tool

In all businesses marketing and advertising are essential and the marketplace changes frequently and rapidly! It is easy to find that the marketing materials and campaign you launched six months ago, perhaps at great expense, is already outdated and your customers or clients already have different requirements!

An outdated marketing campaign is ineffective but the ease and affordability of a short run poster printing campaign allows you to react quickly and effectively to the ever-changing market demands. A good established print company can design, print, and deliver fresh posters to your business within days of ordering.

Essential versatility to deliver your message in a variety of spaces

In marketing, everyone understands the value of constant brand reinforcement in the marketplace. It is important to get your company logo, colours, and tagline in front of your customers as often as possible – but just using the same images and marketing materials all the time can become bland and can give the impression that your business is making little effort on the marketing front.

Digital poster printing offers the opportunity for regular and affordable updates of your images and message – you can vary the colour schemes, use different design images and fonts whilst retaining your core brand image on posters of different sizes for different environments. Short run poster printing allows you to deliver the important consistent brand identity in varying and fresh formats and images on a regular basis, thus keeping your customers informed and engaged.

Get the efficiency and quality your business needs

With the modern printing methods your professional print company can produce smaller print runs at affordable costs, whilst providing the same high-quality imagery and finish that you would expect from the traditionally more expensive bigger volume print runs.

Short run poster printing delivers the same quality, but in a convenient and affordable manner without sacrificing any aspect of an impressive and professional finish. Another of the advantages of digital poster printing is the access to different methods and finishes of print – a short run poster printing run that utilises foil printing can produce a ‘stand-out’ appearance.

Foil printing provides a uniquely vibrant image and adds a high-end quality finish to your posters.  

It is always worthwhile consulting with your professional print company who will have the in-house knowledge, expertise, and experience to help you with every aspect of your digital poster printing from design and materials to the most impressive finish.

John E Wright

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