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Scanning & EDM services
Scanning & EDM Services image
Scanning & EDM services
Scanning & EDM Services image
Scanning & EDM services

Condense your paper document and plan print archives into accessible and structured digital formats

We can compress your existing document archive into a digital format saving your valuable space and allowing fast retrieval of information.

We can scan your drawings & documents to CD or DVD and index them for fast retrieval. Data or images will be easier to share (on laptops, memory sticks, central servers or even over the net). They will also be easier and quicker to find. You can make backup copies too, for added security and disaster recovery.

Typical applications:

  • Pre-CAD engineering or architectural drawings
  • Service/Technical Manuals
  • Planning Applications
  • Environmental Reports
  • Legal Submissions
  • Reports

Fast & accurate document retrieval is an asset to any type of business

We have a wealth of experience when it comes assessing our client’s requirements for data archiving and EDM (Electronic Data Management)

Document Scanning can

• Save time & reduce costs. Find the document you need in minutes rather than hours

• Provide central server based access to your user groups & networks

• Provide cost effective disaster recovery solutions

• Save valuable space by converting paper to data

• Allow simple distribution of information through universally readable PDF files.

We offer free and confidential advice, which requires no commitment at the outset. Our scanning services cover small format B/W & colour documents, large plans, maps, microfiche, in fact almost any hard copy material may you have.

We can visit your site to assess your requirement, collect from your premises and return the hard copy and digital data on completion of the project. If required we can also securely destroy any hardcopy at the end of the project.


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