Although many of us find writing Christmas greeting cards a chore, most of us still admit to a little thrill of pleasure when we receive them. Business clients aren’t any different. Taking the effort to send clients a physical and personalised Christmas card, as opposed to an irritating online e-card (or even worse, nothing at all) shows that you take your client relationships seriously and are prepared to make an effort to further that relationship and keep in touch. With the right Christmas card design templates you can create a great impression.

Here are four reasons why you should still send personalised Christmas cards to your clients.

1. Your clients notice you sends greetings cards

You can be sure that at least one of your rivals will send a personalised Christmas card. When it comes to order-time next year, you don’t want to be the company who is missed off the list because you didn’t make the effort.

2. Physical Christmas card design templates allow you to include your branding

Have you ever noticed how little choice e-card templates offer? Whilst choice in these is limited to twee images and annoying animations, the templates for physical, personalised Christmas cards offer far more variety and can be adapted to meet your branding.

3. Everyone knows that sending e-cards takes little effort

When an electronic Christmas card plops into a busy inbox, the chances are that it will be ignored, or at best, read quickly, binned and forgotten. A physical, personalised Christmas card takes longer to prepare, sign and send, and your clients will appreciate this time taken.

4. A personalised Christmas card will still be there in January

It stands to reason that you want your company name to be one of the first things in a client’s head as he starts back at work in January. The chances are that a physical, personalised Christmas card will still be on display in the office – it will almost certainly be picked up and read again, and the good impression you started to create amid December’s celebrations will continue to take effect.

We be delighted to help with personalising your business Christmas cards this year.

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