Exhibition planning is vital if your business is to benefit properly from your attendance at any trade show or exhibition. These events are major opportunities to boost your corporate brand and attract new clients or customers.

There are a lot of different aspects to a trade show that need to be considered – everybody automatically considers the exhibition stand design and how it will look, but there are other important aspects to consider- not least of which is the staff who will represent your business and promote your product or service.

Your exhibition planning should incorporate the careful selection of the team that will engage with those that visit your stand at the event. So, what sort of people should you consider for these roles? Most importantly – motivated staff!

Here are some aspects to consider when identifying staff members to comprise your polished and professional representation at the event:

Use experienced people with the correct knowledge

Exhibiting at a trade show is a great opportunity to gain new clients or customers – and we all know that first impressions are massively important, especially when sharing a space with direct competitors all vying for the same captive audience at the show!

Considering that, ensure that all the staff you have on your exhibition stand are equipped to do your brand and product justice. Make sure that the staff that are representing you can answer questions correctly and fully, and can provide relevant corporate information. Experience of previous trade shows and exhibitions is of great value here – your exhibition stand is not a place for them to be practicing their pitch!

Ensure your staff have been properly trained and mentored.

Only enthusiastic people should represent your brand

This is very important – pick staff that are, not only properly equipped knowledge-wise, but are also enthusiastic and want to be there representing your brand! Trade show attendees will very quickly pick-up on any apathy or disinterest shown by your representatives, so ensure you have staff who will present a driven and professional front.

Use people from a variety of positions with your company

A common misconception is that only official sales or marketing staff can be effective at these trade shows – this is not true. Of course, you should have your experienced sales people there to offer pitches and answer product questions, but they can be complemented by representatives from other departments – manufacturing staff, specialist engineers or quality control staff – people who can deliver more specific, detailed information on different aspects of the product, or service, you are offering.

Train people and practice their pitches

Mere enthusiasm and  knowledge alone aren’t the only reasons for choosing staff for your exhibition stand – ensure that everybody representing you have been properly trained and have practiced for the event. Hiring trade show staff trainers – specialist outside resources that deliver live event training can help educate your team in the different forms of pitching – both hard and soft – as well as instilling confidence in their own abilities to perform at these events. A

Alternatively, hire trade show staff that offer proven experience in these corporate environments, to represent your company.

Give each staff member a role and objectives

Ensure that all your chosen staff are given clear and concise instruction as to what is expected from them at the event. Set specific aims and objectives and explain to each staff member exactly what their role is in these proceedings.

Finally, establish a plan for following up all the leads and interest that has been generated from the event, as this where the true value to your business lies.


If you plan your trade show events properly, they can be a very effective marketing vehicle for your business. We’ve put together everything you need to know in our planning checklist.

Read our exhibition planning checklist


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