In any walk of life, but especially in business, first impressions are very important. Often the first impression of your business your clients will get is when they visit your premises and walk into your reception area – so you want them to be greeted with a professional and memorable image. Reception graphics can help create that welcoming environment to impress your clients.

Here are some options to consider for your office and reception signs:

Acrylic boards

These are one of the most popular choices for reception signage. They are that lovely combination of attractive, effective – and affordable!

They are available in different formats – many businesses with opt to use clear acrylic for their office and reception signs, as they will also showcase any underlying decor or colouring. There are different finishes, either a clear, glossy option, or a matte finish which will present a slightly ‘softer or warmer’ finish.

Alternatives to the clear finish are different colour options – which are especially effective when using LED lighting behind the signs. Your company name, logo or other information can be printed onto the acrylic board, or a vinyl overlay with your company branding, and can be mounted onto the material.

The acrylic reception signage can be installed with brushed aluminium standoffs, creating a professional and effective visual appearance.

3D Lettering

Another popular vehicle used to display reception graphics – and, again, a range of options for materials – acrylic, metal or PVC.

3D lettering and images displayed on your reception wall, can spectacularly display your company brand and colours – you can choose the size and colouring of your sign and opt for a matte or glossy finish. If you want to illuminate your lettering, than matte finish offers a better effect, whilst the gloss is perfect for all other settings.

3D lettering is available in all sizes, so is ideal for any display space you may want to utilise.

Illuminated metal plaques

If you are looking for spectacular reception signage then an illuminated metal sign will provide it. Attractive and practical, metal plaque office and reception signs will provide a prominent centrepiece that will immediately capture the attention of all visiting your corporate premises.

Metal plaques can be cut in any shape and size, so can be entirely bespoke to your corporate logo or branding, and can be enhanced with acrylic attachments and illuminated in different ways to produce a stylish and professional display to grace any corporate reception area.

No two businesses are the same, so speaking with our professional experts will allow you to opt for bespoke designed reception graphics, on a sign of your chosen materials, and display your company brand in the best light.


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