What do your receipts say about you as a business? The answer is a lot. That’s why it can be worthwhile investing a little extra in a personalised receipt book, and in this blog, we look at why.

Bolster your branding

Quite often, building your brand doesn’t have to mean flash advertising campaigns, or millions of social media posts. It can actually be the more subtle steps you take which go towards achieving brand recognition. Small touches such as personalising your receipt book with your business logo can go a long way to cementing your brand in a customer’s mind. After all, every time they receive a receipt, they also see your logo. 

What do your receipts say about your business?

Personalising your receipt book with your business name exudes a highly professional look which makes a statement on behalf of your business. It can suggest that your company takes pride in its presentation, and also that it is prepared to invest a little extra in order to be better. For SMEs, personalised receipts can help to avoid the customer perception that you are a ‘small time’ business, and make you comparable to larger companies which may have more resources available to them.

Think about your printing material

There are other steps which you can take towards making your business materials as efficient and professional as possible. NCR (or No Carbon Required) paper has replaced the typical blue carbon paper which allowed text to be copied in order to make duplicates on the lower sheet. NCR pads are easier to use, and a lot less messy! It is worth acquiring NCR pads if you need to make copies as part of your transaction process.

Personalising your invoices offers the same benefits

If you are a business to business (B2B) organisation, you might be more accustomed to sending invoices to customers, rather than receipts. For these organisations, a personalised invoice book can have the same marketing benefits as a personalised receipt book, so think about the advantages to your brand perception.

Those are just some of the reasons why personalisation of receipts makes business sense!

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