Whatever your business, product or service, you can boost the promotion of your brand within a retail environment and convert more customers by using a range of effective point of sale (POS) promotional materials.

POS displays within retail can create a greater impact of your product, and if placed within prominent locations, they can increase the rate of sales of your product significantly. 

At John E Wright, we’ve taken a look at the different point of sale (POS) elements below to see how these can boost promotions within retail:

Free standing display units

Free standing display units (FSDUs) are one of the most effective POS displays you can have. They stand out in stores, by breaking up the monotony of shelves and railings and are usually placed at the end of aisles or near till points. FSDUs can also be placed, and are arguably most effective, at the front of the store; this location guarantees the highest number of views from potential customers.

FSDUs are flexible and versatile. Usually printed on board, they are lightweight, easy to assemble and portable so their positioning within a store can easily change to adapt to their marketing requirements. They are inexpensive to design and produce, and offer a professional and engaging marketing option.

Their big and bold advertising style helps to give your brand and products an added boost, and can increase sales significantly. They also prompt retailers to stock more of your product adding to increased sales.  For more information on why this type of marketing is a great idea, check out our blog.

Strut cards

Similar to FDSUs but on a smaller scale, Strut Cards can be placed on counter tops to engage customers. These are generally used for lower-priced items that consumers might buy on an impulse. Just like FDSU’s, strut cards are lightweight, portable and eye-catching in their positioning.

Because they are substantially smaller than FSDUs, their design should be striking and imaginative to attract attention.

At John E Wright, our state-of-the-art flatbed printer produces ultra-high definition print, with vivid full colour reproduction; perfect for POS in retail environments.


Posters are a popular and more economical choice for POS. When used correctly, posters draw the eye of many potential customers and make them aware of your brand, product or service through clear and concise messaging. Posters are also the cheaper option to FSDU and Strut Cards.

However, you have more limited locations with posters in retail. You will need to consider whether a cheaper poster will boost the promotion of your product as much as a strategically placed FSDU or Strut Card.

Window graphics

Ideal for use on the outside of shop windows, cafes and high street businesses, window graphics can also boost branding and promote special offers. They are a great low-cost solution and are ideal to promote products as their positioning makes them ideal for maximum viewing. As with the above, graphics need to be bold and eye catching to attract the consumer.

John E Wright

If you are looking for some POS displays and don’t know where still start, don’t hesitate to talk to one of our point-of-sale printing team. At John E Wright, we have extensive knowledge as a point-of-sale company. Our printed boards, posters, free standing POS stands, and displays are ideal for any retail business, restaurant, bar or hospitality sites.

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