Promotional printing plays a massive role in businesses marketing and advertising campaigns – even in this digital age, the role and influence of print marketing should not be under-estimated.

Here are some reasons why your business should be including promotional printing in your daily marketing activities:

What is print marketing?

The term print marketing refers to any physically printed media used to advertise a business through reaching its’ target audience.

There are many established and recognised forms of print marketing such as flyers, posters, leaflets, brochures, catalogues and more. These marketing materials have proven effective over decades and continue to be so, even in the face of the new digital technologies and advertising platforms.

Tried and trust marketing

That may seem like a rather ‘grand’ heading – “Public Trust” – however, promotional printing is a tried and trusted form of marketing that is recognised and accepted by people! Even in this digital age, where most people are comfortable conducting their daily business on phones, laptops, tablets and computers, people are still wary of online advertising!

That is why the available “ad blocking” software is accessed so much – consumers do not trust online advertising – especially from companies, websites, or brands with which they are not already familiar. Print marketing presents valid information without the threat of a virus corrupting our important digital tools. Print media offers a more comfortable and reliable outlet for imparting information.    

Promotional print should compliment an online strategy

Having said that, online marketing has a growing influence on consumers, so it is important that promotional printing sits comfortably alongside it and complements its’ digital counterpart.

Whereas a digital marketing campaign can attract attention through clever and dramatic graphics and animations, print marketing can be highly visible and effective through the use of good quality materials, clever copywriting, and bright, eye-catching high-spec images.

The other big advantage of the print marketing is that, once delivered to the consumer it remains with them as a regular and permanent reminder of your company and product or service – the digital image disappears from the screen once viewed – and often also from the consumer’s mind!

Any advertising campaign your business runs should make use of all available marketing outlets – and promotional printing can be highly effective alongside digital advertising as it can reach a different demographic.  

Quality promotional print will get read 

How many of us start the working day by simply deleting the huge raft of advertising emails that have been dumped in your inbox overnight? We are bombarded twenty-four hours a day with advertising over the internet – whilst there is still an element of printed “junk mail”, we are still more likely to actually look at a piece of printed marketing we receive.

Make your printed advert professional looking and attractive and people will take the time to look at what you have sent – which is the very essence of advertising! Printed materials such as flyers and leaflets have gathered a new, wider audience in recent times – the number of people now working from home has massively increased and literature dropped through the front door has gained more attention than in previous times.

Print builds brand recognition

Promotional printing has a proven success in establishing and reinforcing brand recognition. Studies confirm that consumers can more easily recall a company name or brand when exposed to printed versions of the logos or advert than from the same exposure to a digital advertisement for the same businesses – indeed, industry figures show a 70% higher recognition and retention from printed adverts than digital.

As brand recognition and awareness is probably the most important aspect of marketing and advertising, then it is easy to see why your business should be including promotional printing in any marketing campaign you conduct – speak to your local print shop in Nottingham to get the best advice and guidance on promotional printing for your business.