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Long awaited by customers everywhere sales are an important part of the retail calendar be it Black Friday, January sales – or the traditional Summer Sale.

There are many aspects to consider when you are planning your promotion for your retail summer sale and it’s important to consider every customer touchpoint as a potential opportunity to market your promotion.

Be honest about your discounts

Before even considering design it’s important to get your maths right and set your discounts. Once you have your discounts set it’s important to be honest with your customer about the discount you are applying. If you say up to 50% off everything – it’s best to make sure that a generous proportion of that everything is up to 50% off.


Because honest pricing reduction claims will build better brand trust and less than honest or ‘light’ claims will damage your reputation with customers.

Think about your colours

The traditional colour scheme for the sale season is red and white, and occasionally yellow! It’s important to think how to fit your colour scheme with your branding. In store you could consider investing in some label printing which is primarily in sales colours to advertising your promoted discount. Out Of Store promotion may need some more careful crafting to match brand and sale colour scheme – if your design skills are a little lacking, it’s worth asking a graphic designer to take a look, and online print shops can often help with both design and print.

In store promotion

In store promotion can often be more obvious with the sales promotion without affecting brand. When looking at point of sale, signage, or label printing – it is good to start with the primary colour set for sales promotion and then see if that needs to be adapted to include brand presence.

The key areas where you may need to include brand presence are window display signage and free standing display units that may be placed at your store entrance.

Outside store promotion

Out of store promotion is a little more complex as the customer you are promoting too is not already in your store they need to know exactly who is promoting their summer sale so it’s important to have a strong brand presence as well as a strong sales presence on any promotional printing.

Key methods to employ in out of store promotion are poster printing and flyers to appeal to people either in the street or to start a direct mail campaign. For a significant summer sale you may want to employ banner printing and place a banner where it will be seen by existing and target customers.

Inform and Persuade

The key part of any promotional material, whether you are considering label printing, poster printing, or banner printing, is to insure that you inform your customer about your summer sale and persuade them to visit you.

It’s important to have a cohesive and connected approach to your summer promotional material from start to finish on your customer’s journey. If you’re unsure how to make this happen it is worth planning and then ordering your materials at once from one supplier that is able to help you with design.


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