Businesses spend a considerable amount of both time and money on their marketing campaigns and materials. There are many advertising tools and vehicles available to business these days, and most businesses utilise the modern, digital options – but there is still great value in more ‘traditional’ marketing such as promoting printing, with many printed marketing materials being hugely effective in boosting both your business and promoting your brand name and image.

Here are a few suggested printed marketing items for you to consider:

Brochures and flyers continue to have a positive impact

Even in today’s marketing arena dominated by digital technology, social media and such, the long-standing, tried and trusted marketing tools of printed flyers and brochures continue to have a positive impact as advertising vehicles. If you are promoting an event, a specific product or a sale, or simply trying to boost your brand awareness and name then printed flyers always generate a good return.

Design your flyer to display your important information and marry it with a bold and eye-catching image or graphic and that will draw immediate attention to your message.  

Whilst flyers are a great marketing tool for relaying minimal information and detail, printed brochures are better vehicles for relaying greater content about your business, products or services to potential customers.

The better the quality of your printed brochure, the bigger impact they will have in presenting your brand as one of quality of service and engage with customers to explore your offerings further perhaps by visiting your store, website or event.   

Postcards are ideal for reaching a wide audience

Printed postcards are an effective marketing tool both in impact and cost. These postcards are ideal if you are trying to reach a wide and diverse audience – they have low production costs and are viewed positively by those receiving them. Printed postcards can be easily distributed in many different ways – handed out at events and conventions, available to be picked up at prominent places of footfall (shopping checkouts, building lobbies, counter tops and such) and directly sent to customers on your mailing list.

Business cards make a great first impression

Your business card is often the very first item of marketing your potential customer or client will receive from you – so it is important that it makes a good impression! It is also what the customer takes away with them, therefore acting as the reminder of your meeting and your business.

Ensure you always carry business cards with you – there are always opportunities to meet people and introduce yourself and your business whether it be a professional or social occasion!

Posters draw attention from passers-by

Posters are another effective marketing tool – displaying a poster with a bold design and image will draw immediate attention from passers-by – and everyone who walks or drives by and sees your poster is a potential client or customer!

They can be placed in your business premises windows or displayed on poster boards or advertising hoardings giving your brand access to a wide and diverse audience.

Envelopes and letterheads are perfect for regular communication

If your business involves regular mailed content with your clients, such as invoicing, then letterhead and envelope printing is a great investment. Personalized letterheads and envelopes look professional and project an image of credibility and quality – people who receive the letters will associate those qualities with the services or products that you provide them with. Include your company logo and branding in your letterhead and envelope design – it makes your correspondence immediately recognisable and further promotes your brand image.

Investing in promoting printing will prove to be a solid and effective use of your marketing budget – speak to your online print shop for further help and ideas in designing and printing your marketing materials.

John E Wright

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