With the power of the internet and digital marketing, you could be forgiven for thinking that personalised posters no longer have the same impact, but logically, if they didn’t work, so many huge companies, from Coca-Cola to Mercedes Benz, wouldn’t waste their time or money investing in them.

Read on for how you can get your message across and promote your business with poster printing.


When creating your poster design, if you use your company branding, from the colours and fonts to the look and feel of your business, you’ll create a consistent piece of marketing material that will add to your marketing message and enhance your brand.

Great design

An excellent poster design can grab attention and entice your potential customers in to get more information.

A really innovative, different and compelling poster design can do more than that, becoming a topic of conversation and something that’s really memorable – creating the type of buzz your business needs, so don’t make your design an afterthought. Use someone who really knows what they’re doing with design principles to give your poster the best chance of standing out.

Clear information

In poster design, you’ve got to keep it clean and minimal because too much information on a poster can feel cluttered and distracting, causing people to walk away rather than read on, but get it right, and a poster is an easy way to give out information on your latest event, your product or service, or to lead your audience back to your website.


Think about how many places you could put a poster, from your own premises so visitors can get more information while they browse, to trade shows and exhibitions, bus stops, venue notice boards, shop windows, your franchisees, stockists and partners’ premises… the list is endless! Focus on where your likely audience is and you’ll have great success with a poster campaign.

You could also create a media kit-style pack that includes a variety of poster sizes to give away to anyone enquiring about your services.


The great thing about posters is that you can print the amount you need, so there’s no waste, and it’s a cost-effective way of trying out an idea.

With the option to go back again and again to try a different approach, poster printing can be a great way to experiment with your marketing and find out what works.