Whatever your business you will, at some stage, be considering advertising and marketing your specific product or service. There are many ways to advertise your business, some more effective than others, depending upon what your product is – and, of course, your budget!

If physical advertising is what you want, and your budget is modest, then display board printing is well worth considering. Display boards are both effective and professional, providing a great vehicle to promote and innovatively showcase your business or product.

Here are some aspects of display board printing to be aware of, and consider:

What is a printed display board?

A display board provides a platform for advertising your business, company, event or product. They can be printed onto different materials, or ’bases’ – a variety of paper-types, or vinyl, and then mounted onto soft centred foamboard, or a more durable PVC version.

There are different formats of display boards – we’ve all seen ‘A’ Boards in use, on a pavements, or in shopping centres and such – or, more sturdy, Foamex signs and posters. They can be printed to display any text or image you may want.  

How do you use them?

Display boards are extremely versatile and are efficient advertising vehicles that can be used in a variety of ways – you can stand them up, hang them from ceilings, prop them up against a surface or even fix them to a wall.

Why use a display board?

Display boards are extremely versatile – although lightweight, they are also strong, durable, weather-proof and mobile!

Where can you use them?

Display boards are ideal for promotional events like exhibitions, conferences and business fayres, but are just as effective when being used in less formal environments – attracting attention on a high street, perhaps providing directions for people to your business premises, or simply highlighting specific offers or products. They are perfect for use in public locations like museums, libraries and shopping centres, as well as in private business premises, such as showrooms.  

Whether you opt for the quicker and cheaper option of display board printing direct to the board itself, or you go with high resolution, digitally printed adhesive vinyl signs mounted on to the board, then you will have a highly effective – and affordable – marketing tool to draw attention to your business!


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