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Copley Scientific is a Nottinghamshire based company with a global outreach. Specialising in pharmaceutical equipment, Copley Scientific was named the 2022 Nottinghamshire Business of the Year.


Copley Scientific is a Nottinghamshire based company with a global outreach. Specialising in pharmaceutical equipment, Copley Scientific was named the 2022 Nottinghamshire Business of the Year.

As a fast-expanding operation, enhancing their interior branding to match the vision of their company is a subtle, but important step. It helps to foster the focus, drive and energy that growing companies all strive for.

Interior branding is a fantastic tool to communicate your company identity through the design and layout of a physical location. A critical part of building strong brand awareness is to align all aspects of your business – inside and out. John E Wright & Co were approached by Copley Scientific to do just that.

They knew exactly what was needed, but sought out the right people to do it. By accessing John E Wright’s expertise and knowledge with interior branding, they trusted us to elevate their brand values through smart print solutions.

We were happy to take on the challenge, and work to their detailed brief in order to create high-quality and comprehensive interior branding.


Copley Scientific came to us with a detailed brief already prepared. They required a partner who could meet their needs, and their deadline.

John E Wright knew we would be right for the job. This would be a co-operative effort between ourselves and Copley Scientific: the customer knew what they wanted, but not how to do it. The practical execution of their ideas was where John E Wright & Co could excel, offering our knowledge and advice.

The brief presented a variety of unique ideas – particularly through the mixture of different print medias in the same space. For example, vinyl wall graphics would be accented by acrylic signs, creating a mixed profile across a single wall space.

Additionally, this job required the production of 3D stainless steel letters, as well as 10mm profile cut lettering. Bespoke acrylic drywipe boards would also need to be produced. The goal of all these would be to create a unique and striking visual identity, a key element of any interior branding.

Additionally, it had to do so while keeping to a consistent visual language – this meant that sticking to the details was a very important part of this job. Our team knew the importance of meeting the customer’s exact needs, and worked with them to ensure everything was perfectly to plan.

Once all individual items had been printed and produced, we were also tasked with installation of them. The biggest puzzle to solve for our fitting team was installation of the graphics for the staircase wall. Implementing a multi-media wall graphic with constant changing elevation was a logistical challenge. Our talented installation team took this on with steady hands, and created a striking and effective graphic that fit consistently to the changing elevation of the staircase.

This job had a tight deadline to meet, in order to align with the launch of Copley Scientific’s internal brand values. This gave us approximately a month and a half to turn this around, from production to installation. Our team completed this job with careful consideration of this deadline, as we know the importance of timing for any company’s brand launch.

While every company knows the importance of a logo and website, many don’t think to match their interior spaces to their brand. John E Wright & Co is proud to offer our interior branding services for a company seeking to join the two together. In the case of Copley Scientific, we knew exactly how to implement their ideas to their brief, and provided a confident service throughout.

We wish Copley Scientific all the best as they continue to expand and innovate their brand, and success with their internal branch relaunch.

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