Students taking arts, design and architecture courses generally need to submit a student portfolio of work during the course of studies. What’s more, these bound documents are extremely useful for impressing prospective employers at interview and also provide an enduring record of creative work and achievements. John E Wright offers the professional portfolio printing service that ensures the visual impact and outstanding appearance of any kind of portfolio.

About our portfolio design service

It’s an easy matter to create a unique portfolio with us. We can produce large scale, bound portfolios, incorporating a variety of A1, A2 and A3 digital prints and the use of different coloured and textured papers can make any project look outstanding. You just need to pop into one of our branches or contact our team to commence the creation of your portfolio, and we’re even open for extended hours at times deadlines loom. We also offer advice and information about print and file transfers, to ensure the success of portfolio design.

Through our Print Cafes located in a variety of strategic UK locations, including Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Oxford and Hull. It’s a simple matter to download your own files to our computers and you can then continue editing them or submit them for printing immediately. If you need to discuss your portfolio printing needs in depth, our knowledgeable team is on hand to talk about your requirements and offer the best advice on achieving your design aims.

Most importantly, we’re happy to offer student discounts on a range of printing services, so creating a stunning portfolio of work is an affordable option with John E Wright. We’re happy to offer even more substantial discounts to groups of students, as this helps us ensure continued workflow. And, we also provide Student Union discounts for bulk prints of any kind.

All our print customers receive the same knowledgeable, professional service from our small teams of employees. We treat our corporate clients just the same way as we handle all individuals and students coming to us for printing.

John E Wright

Drop into your local branch today to find out more about our portfolio print solutions, or browse our website for technical data on the service.