As business embraces the ever-changing and expanding digital facilities for marketing on-line and through the many social media platforms, some people may be tempted to think that a lot of the more ‘traditional’ marketing vehicles are no longer valid nor effective. They would, however, be very wrong – print marketing still has tremendous impact and value in the modern business environment.

Here are a few reasons why business printing still has a huge role to play in developing modern business:

You can your marketing materials anywhere

One of the benefits of printed promotional marketing materials is its’ versatility – it is portable, so can be taken anywhere. You don’t need to connect it to anything, or rely on it being “fully charged-up” to use it – so is a great marketing tool for business events, exhibitions and fayres.

It provides a physical sample of your company’s services, products and brand – business cards, booklets, flyers and brochures can all be produced for potential customers to look at and, importantly, take away and keep for future reference. 

Reinforce your branding alongside digital strategies

Rather than being ‘threatened’ by the new digital marketing facilities, business printing can work alongside it – people who may have seen some of your digital marketing materials can have it reinforced when they are just out on street, or driving around your area, by printed flyers, posters and signs.

Print marketing is extremely cost effective

Business printing offers a great return on investment, making it extremely cost effective for your business. Return on investment (ROI) is the calculation of how much business you get back relative to what you spend on your marketing – research studies show that print advertising has the highest ROI of any advertising methods. Using printed flyers or cards in a direct mail advertising campaign is an affordable and effective marketing tool.

Use a trustworthy form of marketing

Recent marketing survey results suggest that people find printed flyers as the least intrusive, and most trustworthy, form of marketing – even in this modern digital age, ahead of online advertising.

Boost your brand visibility

The main objective of any promotional marketing is to raise awareness amongst existing and potential customers, of your brand and your business. There are a number of ways in which print marketing can help you do that, such as, branded letterheads, business stationery, custom printed mugs, targeted flyers or banners and signs outside your premises and other relevant venues.

People react to physical products

Print marketing produces a physical, tangible product. People react to touch – it appeals to our sensory memory and when people touch something nice it evokes positive feeling. So, producing your marketing literature on good quality stock will give you a pleasant, tactile product that people will like to handle and will react to in a positive manner. If costs allow, add extras like laminations and spot UV’s which will enhance the physical aspects.    

If used correctly, and with quality products, printed promotional marketing can continue to be a great advantage as an advertising vehicle for your business.


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