All businesses need to find ways to attract new customers and in the retail industry, where competition is especially fierce, effective marketing is vital. Ideas and advertising vehicles to highlight your brand and make that initial impact on prospective customers constantly need to be refreshed and implemented to keep your retail business ahead of your rivals. Here are some ideas for you to consider for your business retail printing solutions:

Making An Impression

Regardless of which marketing tools or vehicles you employ, the main aim of any advertising campaign is to make an immediate impression on prospective customers or clients. There are many ways of achieving this. Here are some examples of how to go about successfully implementing effective retail displays:

  • Expand your brand outside your physical retail space
  • Create retail displays that are interactive and immerse customers into your brand lifestyle
  • Use large format displays to attract customer attention
  • Use bold signage to convey your brand values
  • Create a positive environment with wall murals

Outdoor Displays

Whilst many retail businesses opt for outdoor advertising banners, which can be effective in garnering attention, go beyond that and create outdoor displays with large format printing on retail free standing display units and pavement signs. Shop window graphics in bold lettering and colours will attract people to your business, whilst well-designed and quality printed shop front designs will make your retail premises more enticing and interesting to passing prospective customers. 

Lifestyle Experiences

You want your customers to identify with your brand so ensure that all your marketing displays reinforce your brand image. Create advertising displays that allow customers to ‘experience’ your specific product or service. If your business is in travel, for example, then use retail graphics to create a ’holiday resort feel’ or travel experience, to give your customers a ‘taste’ of what their holiday might be – floor graphics may display beach scenes and wall graphics depict city breaks and such.

Interactive Displays

Environments that attract large crowds or footfall create a perfect opportunity for advertising your brand and business. Sports arenas and stadiums, concert and festival locations are ideal for creating an ‘immersive’ marketing experience. Use themed floor graphics relevant to the event taking place to involve and include the people attending. They will remember your brand if it has become an interactive part of their experience on the day.

Event Graphics

Consider attending trade fairs and conventions as part of your marketing strategy – they are ideal opportunities for showcasing your brand and business. Use branded banners and trade stands along with high-end printed marketing materials to attract attention to your display and your products. Tension fabric stands are great advertising tools at these events boldly displaying your company’s brand colours, images and logo. Well-designed printed banners and bold signs can convey important messages and printed graphics on vinyl banners and retail free standing display units will showcase your business.   

Wall Murals

You can transform a blank space with a well-designed wall mural and retail graphics. They can create a professional and uniform atmosphere in a restaurant, a retail outlet or any office or business reception area. A bold wall mural can graphically display a brand culture, company mission statements and achievements which is both informative and entertaining to any visitors to your business.

It is always worthwhile consulting with an established print company for fresh ideas for your business retail printing solutions – new innovations in sign letters, retail graphics and images, and other printed retail marketing vehicles are always being developed.  

Choose John E Wright for your marketing needs

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