There’s something about a poster that we all love.  Whether it’s for a rock concert or an album, a political statement (some of the Soviet propaganda posters from the Cold War period are extraordinarily good, whatever we might think of the message), an exhibition, whatever … they can captivate us just like a beautiful piece of art.  In fact, many posters are beautiful pieces of art!


But whether we are aiming for art, or simply a message, there is no doubt that posters are a very effective way of communicating and getting people’s attention.  Let’s look at some of the reasons why.

Location, location, location

One of the first things to think about is where to position the poster(s).  If they are put in the right place, and designed correctly, they can stick in viewer’s minds and encourage them to visit/buy/watch/listen/read/vote (or any number of other activities!) whatever they are advertising.  For example, positioning posters for a sandwich shop by a train station will certainly spur people to pop in!

Notwithstanding laws and restrictions on certain places where they can’t be put, they can be put just about anywhere, so your message has an excellent chance of getting though.


People who look at posters are already actively engaging with their surroundings.  Whether they are driving, walking, waiting at a bus stop, looking at a window, they will be drawn to an attractive poster.  And there’s lots of evidence that the message will be retained long after the poster has been left behind.

Value for money 

Poster printing is not expensive.  Fact.  The design, printing, and distribution, all added together, is far less expensive than many other forms of advertising. This gives you more money for other marketing material and initiatives that will further your business performance.


We mention this frequently – it’s a recurring theme.  Posters can generate immediate attraction; they can be seen from greater distances; they can contain more text and images than say a leaflet; they can, as we’ve seen, be positioned in lots of locations to reinforce the message.


To a very large degree this is subjective – “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – but there are some obvious things to think about when designing a poster, not least having a straightforward call to action that can be easily remembered.

The best thing you can do is think about your message, research existing poster deigns with a similar message, capture your ideas so you don’t forget them, and then talk to the experts.

So where’s the marketing value of posters? 

All these factors we’ve discussed cultivate in an effective tool for the marketing of your company. Be it a special offer, the promotion of a new product or simply brand awareness, the potential of posters as a medium for marketing is an effective one indeed.

Brilliant poster printing

We can’t really help you with knowing where to put your posters, or help you put them up, but we can help you to create them.

We have vast experience in poster printing, with numerous satisfied customers. We can advise you on size, lamination, and other features to provide you with posters with vast amounts of marketing potential.  We can even help you with the artwork if you wish!

And we have a very straightforward on-line ordering process, designed to make things quick and easy for you.

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