Whilst many of us might consider a postcard as a slightly ‘outdated’ form of communication, more usually associated with holiday images and messages, they can be an effective and valuable marketing tool for businesses. In a business environment where marketing and advertising forms can prove expensive, a postcard printing campaign can prove to be a low-cost, yet high-impact marketing vehicle. T

hey are highly visual and have the ‘convenience ‘ factor – if it is well-designed, then it will grab the attention of the recipient and all they need to do to get the message it carries, is to turn it over – no envelope to open nor lengthy, complex text to read through!

Create your own postcards

The main objective in creating your own postcards is to produce a ‘teaser’ advertising campaign – contact your target market with custom postcards that offer enough information without revealing too many details about your product or service. These postcards should stimulate the recipients to want to find out more about your business and investigate accordingly using the contact details you have provided them with.

Here are some tips as to what you should consider when thinking about your custom postcard printing requirements:

Keep it short

The main aim of your custom postcards is to pique initial interest – it is an ‘appetiser’ for your client to want to find out more about your specific product or service. Keep the message as simple as possible – there is no need, and no point, in trying to provide in-depth information on your card – include just enough that the customer will want to contact you to find out more. Include only the vital information – your initial message and, importantly, the relevant contact details – be it telephone, e-mail address, website, social media site – so that your potential client can follow-up the initial interest generated by the card.

Visual impact

The whole impact of a custom postcard is in the initial, visual appearance. Consider the message headline and, importantly, the image carefully – the more ’striking’ it is, the bigger impact it will have. 

Consider targets

Think about who you are sending your custom postcards to – choose relevant targets, be it geographical, business or social sector, or any other criteria you are using for your postcard campaign. It’s an unnecessary expense to ‘blanket post’ to people to whom it is not going to potentially be relevant to – a carefully considered, targeted mailing list will allow you to make the best returns for your marketing campaign budget.

Quality materials

You will lose all impact of your postcard campaign if you use cheap material for your card. For many, this card is the first impression they will get of your business – use a quality, thick card – a thin, flimsy card will look unprofessional and cheap – and customers will assume that your product, or service, may be of the same poor quality.


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