When it comes to the effective selling of your product, first impressions are everything. So when consumers first see what you have to sell, effective point of sale can mean the difference between passing your product by and picking up that item for purchase.

So when it comes to in-store advertising and retail graphics, or even event-based point of sale, what can these displays do to help you boost those retail sales?

Establish your brand

A distinctive brand is a must in the competitive world of retail – and if your product is instantly recognisable, then it will be far more likely to result in a purchase. Simply offering great graphics on the packaging isn’t enough to stand out anymore, but add in some on-theme point of sale materials and they can’t miss what you’re selling.

Utilising retail point of sale allows you to elevate your brand beyond packaging – making it far more visible and unmistakable, even in the average product-filled store or shelf.

Be the easy choice

Who doesn’t prefer the easier choice for their purchases? Opting for a great point of sale graphic on your retail items brings them to the forefront of the average shopper’s vision, making it an easier purchase choice than a direct comparison to other items on the shelf.

A splash of on-brand colour, some direct messaging and an eye-catching display is all you need.

Go big or go home

Retail point of sale doesn’t just set your brand up as one that stands out from the competition; it also promotes the worth and value of your products, as something that goes above and beyond to draw the attention of shoppers. That added value, especially with high-quality graphics, can mean the difference between leaving your product on the shelf or purchasing it – even at full price.

Point of sale materials can provide that value-add, making your product worth the price in the eyes of your customer. This is a technique luxury brands use all the time; with their value coming from their great marketing and brand style.

John E Wright

If you’re considering introducing point of sale for your products, or you’re looking to improve your marketing for a new consumer item, then we can provide the quality materials you need to make your business a success. Contact us today to find out more.