Flyers are still a popular and effective tool for marketing your business, despite the dominance of digital media. As a plumber working in a competitive market, making sure your flyer stands out from the crowd is key to attracting new customers.

Personalising your flyer gives customers an insight into your business, but it also offers you the chance to highlight why you’re better than your rivals. Here are some top tips to make your plumbing flyers your own.

Customise templates

Using templates makes for an easy and cost-effective way to design your plumbing flyers, but be mindful about which templates you choose. Your flyer design should be a reflection of who you are as a business and what you stand for, so keep this in mind when picking out images, colours, text and font styles for your flyer.

Include your branding

The most effective way to personalise your plumbing flyers is to include your branding, whether that be a logo, slogan or tagline. If you don’t already have defined branding, now is a good opportunity to devise some ideas before you go ahead with your flyer printing. Personalising your flyer with branding gives you an identity, and helps to single you out from your competitors.

Add your USPs

What makes you different from your competitors? Why should customers choose you over others? Think about what your unique selling points, or USPs, are, and make sure to include these on your plumbing flyer design. Take a look at flyers designed by other plumbers and decide what you would do differently to attract audiences. If you specialise in a particular service, or serve a particular market segment, make sure to incorporate this into your flyer design.

Customise contact details

The aim of any flyer printing is to encourage readers to get in touch and use your services, so make sure that these details are obvious on your design, and relevant to your business. For example, if you gain most of your customers from phone calls rather than emails, make the text of your contact number bigger than your email address, so that it stands out more.


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