Postcards are a great way of getting your message out there, whatever that message may be?

Custom postcards are also great for business, they are a cost-efficient marketing material used to spread the word to a targeted mailing list. They can be printed full colour with your logo, organization name, address, phone, website, etc.

Postcards are flat cards made from stiff cardstock or cardboard. They are designed to go through the post with or without an envelope.

The options for personalised postcards are varied and can include:

  • Note Cards just to say ‘Hello’

Get organised, it’s always useful to have a stock of note cards in the house stationary drawer isn’t it? Well what about having your own custom ones printed with a design of your choice, or one of your favourite family photographs?

  • Thank You Cards

After a birthday or special occasion it’s polite to say ‘Thank You.’ If you have your own personalised cards, you never need to nip to the card shop again!

  • Change of address

Moving house is very stressful, most of us have been through it and it’s not something we would want to do regularly is it?! However, you can make it a little easier by getting some lovely post cards with your new address printed on. It’s a great way of letting friends and family you have moved house.

  • Invitations

Whatever the special event is; birthday, wedding or christening… A custom print invite, with all the details, such as; time, date, venue, work very well as a postcard.

  • Save the dates

Traditionally, wedding initiations are sent out just six weeks before the event. However, ‘Save the Dates’ are a great and informal way of letting people know months, or even years in advance, on what day the wedding will be. The design options can be whatever you like, normally it’s a picture of the Bride and Groom to be, with the date of course!

  • Business

Custom postcards can be used to announce a new product, promote your business, or advertising an event. Another business option is to use postcards as vouchers. You could also put a pile on your shop counter or put them into each customer’s bag when they make a purchase. You can even create a custom design using a photograph to highlight some of your best-selling products.

  • Marketing

When companies print custom postcards for consumers, they print a message or image on the front, and prepare the back for mailing, with a space for the address and stamp. The card can be left blank for a personal message, or a prepared message can be printed on the card. Lower cost custom postcards have only one side, with a brief message and space for an address.

At Instaprint we offer a wide range of personalised post cards and print options.

We are experienced and professional printers who will provide you with a finished product that you will not only be proud of, but will help you promote you business. For more information or a chat about your requirements please call us on 0115 895 0123 or email