When it comes to marketing, direct mail is one of the best ways to see quick and positive results. Even in the digital age, you’ll find that print marketing has an important place. In fact, more people pick up and look through their mail than check their email addresses. Postcard printing is a particularly effective direct mail technique, for the following reasons:

Postcards create a sense of nostalgia

Postcards really do make a connection with people, especially in the summertime. While many opt to check in with family and friends via social media while on holiday, receiving a postcard still raises a smile in the recipient. This sense of nostalgia, from a time when postcards would fall onto the mat throughout the holiday season, will ensure customers connect with you and feel as though you’ve made a real effort to get in touch.

Postcards are a great format for marketing

A postcard layout is perfect for marketing. You have a large, clear space on the front for an eye-catching design or image and then space on the back for wording and information. When looking through their post, people may ignore letters in boring, brown envelopes but a colourful personalised postcard is sure to get a look in every time.

Personalised marketing always makes an impact

When they can see their name, people are always more likely to pay attention to what is in front of them. Personalised marketing builds trust and makes for strong, positive customer relationships. This personalisation has a huge impact on people’s perception of your business and makes them more likely to want to get in touch or take you up on an offer or service.

Postcards are affordable

Unlike many marketing methods, sending postcards is a really affordable way to get your message out. Despite being able to get postcards at great prices, they look professional and exciting which will create a real positive image of your business.


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