Some people may question the use, or relevancy, of calendars in today’s digitally driven age. These days, most people consult their mobile phone, or tablet, to check what time, or date it is. Lots of people have their appointments and reminders diarised in their electronic devices, with audible and visual alarms to inform them at appropriate times. However, there is still a place for a desk calendar in today’s business environment.

Here are a few reasons why:

Calendars are a cost-effective marketing tool

Personalised business desk calendars are a great, and cost-effective, marketing tool that can be completely customised and branded with your appropriate company logo, colours and business information. They offer an all-year-round presence, physically sat in plain sight in your client’s business premises every day. So, it is effectively, an opportunity to remind your clients of your brand and business 365 times a year!

Desktop calendars are useful

Desktop calendars still, of course, provide their base function of being used to record and keep business appointments and scheduling. As well as the business functions, they are also used for the more personal aspects, such as reminders for birthdays, anniversaries and school holidays.

Calendars are a great branding tool

A well-designed, personalised desktop calendar can be used to display information about your business services, products and deliver a fresh message regarding your business every day – a great way of letting your clients know, and understand your business better.

A personalised calendar is used in many locations

Calendars are displayed and used in many locations, not just your client’s business premises – so you can be promoting your business constantly in schools, medical centres, libraries – basically wherever they are displayed, people will see your brand!

A custom calendar design makes a thoughtful gift

Personalised calendars make nice, thoughtful, and personal, gifts. A well designed desktop calendar makes a pleasant addition to any office or desk – and the gesture will be appreciated by those who receive them!

Calendar printing is available in many different formats

Calendar printing can take many different formats with a number of types available – as well as your business branding / logo, your personalised desktop calendar can include photos, or be ‘preloaded’ with specific events on certain dates, to inform and remind clients of, perhaps, company business events, trade fairs and such that you may be participating in.

All in all, personalised desktop calendars are individual and effective promotional gifts that will give your business great exposure all year long.


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