We’re back on one of our favourite topics again – business cards.  We’ve previously covered their interesting origins and history, and we’ve given you some thought-provoking statistics on their use – even in this digital age.  Here’s a couple that we want you to keep “front of mind” before we go on:

  • for every 2,000 cards given out, sales will increase by 2.5%
  • almost 90% of business cards are discarded in less than a week!

On-line ordering using templates

These days the vast majority of business cards are ordered on-line – it’s a  relatively straightforward process.  Some people will design their own – or have corporate guidelines to which they must adhere – but many will select from a range of pre-existing templates.  There are several advantages:

  1. the hard design work has already been done for you
  2. thus saving you time
  3. and also saving you money
  4. you can order them any time you want to, 24/7
  5. ordering is really quick, and easy, and secure
  6. there will be several designs to choose from
  7. your cards will usually only take a few days to arrive, and there will often be a same day service if you need them urgently
  8. value for money

and of course you can personalise them with your own contact details very easily.

You only make a first impression once

Yes we know we keep making this point, but it’s really important … basically because it’s true, and in the context of business cards if you get it wrong you’ll probably be consigned to the 90%!

So how do I choose where to get them from?

Good question – we were hoping you were going to ask that one!

Well, as with anything you buy, it’s not just about the product is it?  Let’s be clear – that’s obviously very important – but it’s also about the whole experience – starting with the web site itself.  How easy is it to find what you want?  How easy is it to personalise the cards?  Is there any design flexibility?  What different print options are there?  Is it easy to order?  How quickly can I get my cards?  And let’s not forget the all important customer service – how good is it?

Lurking behind all these questions is that 90% worry – how good are the templates you’re choosing from?

And that’s where we come in.

Everything we do is designed to make the ordering process as straightforward as possible – and you can always call us too if you have any questions or need any help.  And we have the most FABULOUS range of cards available for you to choose from!










Click here to take a look at our huge range of creative, innovative, eye-catching, memorable and brilliant designs – and steer well clear of the 90%!

And how do I order?

All you have to do is click here, or give us a call on 0115 895 0130

and we’ll be delighted to impress you!