Whether you manage a smaller catering or hospitality business or are part of a larger chain of stores, social distancing on site will be at the forefront of your mind whilst trading.

The government has recently published guidance on keeping your staff and customers safe during the pandemic including the need for risk assessments, training and advice for employees, and maintaining social distancing inside and outside your premises.

When it comes to social distancing, one of the big questions is how you can inform and advise customers of your social distancing methods so that they are adequately prepared and are aware of your expectations for keeping staff and customers safe.

Outdoor social distancing signage is an ideal way to communicate guidance to customers before they set foot inside. There are several products you can use for your social distancing signage that will help everyone stay safe and compliant with government guidelines.

Social distancing floor graphics

Vinyl floor graphics are great to use as social distancing signage as they can be used to measure out distances for your customers. If your customers have to queue outside your premises in order to enter floor graphics can be placed 2 metres apart as ‘waiting spots’ to ensure customers don’t queue to close to each other.

Outdoor bollard covers

Bollard covers can be used to highlight any specific guidance you have for customers before they enter your premises. A popular choice for outdoor social distancing guideline, messages such as “Please keep your distance” with a reminder of the 2 metre rule, bollard covers can be used outdoors in car parks or at the entrance to your building.

Forecourt stands

Forecourt or pavement stands are designed to be used outdoors. The space afforded on a forecourt stand is ideal for placing more lengthy information for customers. Another benefit of this type of signage is that the poster inside the stand can be replaced easily with different information. If you are running any special promotions to encourage customers, pavement stands are an ideal way to draw in passing trade.

Window vinyls

Window vinyl stickers are perfect for premises that don’t have a lot of outdoor space but do have window frontage. Vinyl stickers are best used for shorter social distancing signage messages such as the 2 metre rule or an advisory that face masks must be worn inside your premises.

John E Wright

Our range of social distancing signage and posters will help remind your customers and staff to keep to safety guidelines. Our wide range of COVID-19 products includes floor graphics, posters, banners, strut cards and free standing screens. Ensure your business meets with current rules or get your business ready for opening and limit the spread of the virus.