The whole point of any advertising or marketing vehicle is to highlight your particular business, service or brand. Many businesses employ different advertising strategies and tools – newspapers, radio, online, social media – but an often overlooked aspect is one that can have a truly galvanising effect on your business – outdoor signage – and the more visible and striking it is, the more effective it will be!

Here are some benefits to consider in making outdoor sign printing a valuable marketing tool for your business:

Creating lasting first impressions with professional signage

Be it right or wrong, it is a fact that people will judge a book by its’ cover – so, your cover has to make the right impression! Outdoor signs are often the first impression a potential customer will get of your business, so it’s essential that you portray the right image and message – keep the content concise and current to attract the desired audience, and consider carefully the placement of your signage. Where possible, ensure that it is two tier and double-sided, so it is visible to people driving or walking past, both coming and going!

Good outdoor signage solutions should do more than simply announce your business – it should be the catalyst to draw people through your doors and encourage people who’ve not considered you before, to do so! It should declare your business to people who, perhaps previously, didn’t know your business was based there or what you offer. With potential customers nearby, outdoor sign printing can be used to coax them into your business with special offers and, once inside, it’s an opportunity to furnish them with relevant literature about your business and its’ services or products.

Build brand awareness with signs that stand out

By making your outdoor signage stand out, people who pass your business every day will become aware of your name and your product. Repeated exposure to a prominent image will subliminally lodge itself in people’s memory – whether they want it to or not! This regular exposure is a great help in building brand awareness and making your business forefront in people’s minds.

Effective signage can stimulate impulse buys

Effective external signage can entice pedestrians, and drivers, to visit your premises, whether they had originally intended to or not. Consider a form of outdoor signage that can be easily and regularly updated, so can be used to promote offers, deals and such that drive impulse purchases.

Sign printing is a great investment

Outdoor signage is a great investment for a business – it’s often just the one-off expense of production and installation, but is a permanent advertising platform for your business.

Utilise a professional sign design and printing company

There are a lot of different types of external signage available to suit all budgets, so is always a worthwhile and effective investment. Consider consulting with a professional sign design company, who can advise you on the best options for outdoor sign printing in regard to the materials and production processes that will best suit your needs. For example, digital print processing offers a quality finish with a quick turnaround on a wide range of printed products. Here are some typical examples of outdoor signage you should consider:

  • Shop fasciae
  • Advertising hoardings
  • Lamp post banners
  • Roadside banners

There are numerous materials and formats you can have your external signs manufactured from including:

  • Vinyl cut wall graphics and lettering
  • Backlit acrylic shop signs
  • Pan face aluminium signs
  • Foamex and Dibond panels

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