For any outdoor event – be it corporate, social, formal or informal – there will always be a proliferation of different signage performing different functions. This outdoor event signage, therefore, offers great opportunity to display your company brand and logo in a myriad of different ways – many that you couldn’t utilise at an indoor event.

There are so many opportunities to exploit – kiosks, restrooms, food and drink stands, ticket offices, stages, entrances and exits – and queues – usually lots of them! Here are some suggestions as to the different advertising opportunities you may find at an outdoor event, when considering your sign printing options:

Stair wraps

A sign seen from the bottom of an escalator or staircase is an unusual – and therefore eye-catching – spot to display your outdoor signs.

Queue barriers / boundary fencing

Most outdoor events will utilise barriers or fencing to funnel attendees in certain directions (through entrances, exits, check-points) – everyone has to go through them, so they make a prominent place to display your brand or logo.

Outdoor furniture

Use table tops and printed chairs to display your logo – lots of people at the event will use them and they are a slightly different medium for your branding.


Doesn’t sound very revolutionary or unusual – but the fact is that the traditional printed banner is a massively effective way to advertise your business. Relevant for indoor, or outdoor, use, you can use them as welcome signs or check-point markers – or just advertising banners!

Floating signs

These acrylic outdoor signs give the effect of floating in the air and are great for simply displaying branding or sponsorship representation.

Step and repeat wall

A different form of outdoor event signage, it is a backdrop with repeating logos – they are often used at red carpet events at awards ceremonies or premieres. They will often be the first thing people see at an event, so are fantastic advertising opportunities.

Free-standing signs

An option for your corporate marketing media – can be spectacular and offers photo opportunities for event attendees, often very effective as the initial welcome sign at the event entrance.

Floor graphics

One of the most effective – and under-used advertising spaces at any event – the floor! Interesting and eye-catching design on the floor will attract everyone’s attention, therefore making it a great marketing opportunity for a business.

Wayfinding / signposts

Seems a bit obvious doesn’t it? At any event, however, the good old, ordinary signpost is an effective platform for advertising your business and brand. Wayfinding signs can be used to direct the flow of traffic and footfall and can be positioned just about anywhere around the event area.


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