All posters are created with the aim of making people aware of something, whether it’s the services offered by your business or an event you’re running. But there’s a fine line between a poster that makes people stop and pay attention and one that is so complicated it gives people a headache if they look at it for too long.

Luckily, we have some poster design tips that will ensure your poster stops people for all the right reasons:

Make your poster design eye-catching

An eye-catching poster design is what will make people look at your poster in the first place. Don’t be afraid to use contrasting colours and a coloured background. It’s also important to include some kind of imagery, whether that’s a photo or illustration.

Don’t go overboard with this, though, as one appropriate image is much more effective than several random ones. Choose visuals that are relevant to your brand, whether that’s formal, youthful, edgy, traditional or something else entirely.

Maximise the space available on your poster

Good use of space is vital, so that your poster is easy to read. Think about the way the text and graphic elements are spaced out and make sure the design isn’t cramped.

Don’t include too much text, and ensure what you do add is adequately spaced. The majority of people will have neither the time nor the patience to attempt to read a block of indecipherable text, so keep the details clear and concise. It must be possible to read the poster easily, both from a distance and close-up.

Plan what you want to viewer to do next

This is probably the most important thing about your poster, as this determines whether a viewer of your poster actually becomes a customer. When you’re advertising your business, let people know if they should visit your website for more information or call for a quote.

If you’re creating an event poster, make sure people know if they need to book tickets in advance and, if so, how they can do that. Figure out what you want people to do when they see your poster, then make sure it is a clear part of the design.

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