Writing a dissertation is the culmination of years of hard work fighting to earn your degree. Naturally, therefore, you will be expected to put your all into the piece and to apply every bit of knowledge you have gathered on your academic journey up to that point. So, to help you achieve the best grade possible, and to finish your time at university on a high, here is our complete dissertation survival guide.

Decide on your dissertation topic early

Coming up with a topic is a decision that should not be taken lightly, but you should try and get it decided as early as possible. Take time to draft up as many ideas as you can and then settle on one that you know you are deeply passionate about and that you can find 10,000 words to write on.

Check you have suitable sources

When finalising your title, ensure that you have enough high-quality sources available to reference. These will form the backbone of your arguments.

Create a schedule

The key to dissertation success is how well you can actually get on and get your dissertation written. Too many people fail to properly plan and are then left with 8,000 words to write in just under a week. Instead, set up a schedule that sees you completing your dissertation at least a week or two ahead of time. That way you have enough time to go over it and edit as necessary.

Use your support network

There will be a support network to help you throughout the whole process of writing your dissertation. Most notable is your tutor. Use them wherever possible and get them to check over your dissertation at different milestones to ensure that what you are writing is coherent and up to standard.

Use all your time wisely

Once it is completed, be sure to re-read your dissertation again and again, and be critical each and every time. Beyond looking for typos and grammatical errors, you want to seek out any flaws in your arguments that the person marking it may find.

Finally, consider your dissertation printing

Of course, once you are done with your masterpiece, you should make sure it is presented in a fully professional manner before handing it in. Here at Instaprint, we offer student printing in Nottingham and are happy to print your dissertation off upon completion. Find out more about our dissertation printing service here.