Every business wants their workplace premises to look good – both for potential customers, or clients, and for their own staff working in them. It’s not, however, just a case of decorating for the sake of it looking smart – your premises are an opportunity to market your business and your product/service in a unique way.

You want to deliver the best experience possible to clients visiting your premises – and that’s not just about what gets said in meetings – it’s how you make them feel! Cleverly designed and branded wall graphics can positively impact their mind set from the moment they enter your building. If you have people waiting for appointments/meetings in your reception, then give them something engaging to look at – well designed branded wall graphics can inform them about you and your business before you’ve even sat down with them for your meeting!

A lot of businesses you go into will, typically, have a reception area in the lobby, and most will be displaying the company logo and/or motto or ‘tagline’. Whilst this can look professional and smart, you may be missing out on the opportunity to create something that’s non-standard – something that makes you stand out from other businesses, including your competitors. Using original designed wall graphics provides a host of benefits and can transform your space into something unique and tailored to your company brand.

Full colour wall graphics offer the perfect vehicle to add imagination and creativity to an otherwise ‘formal’ office space. Wall wraps can be printed digitally, to a very high definition and quality, and have the advantage of, not only looking spectacular and professional, but are easily installed. This ease of installation affords you the opportunity to change, or update, the images quickly, and as often as you like, to keep your display looking fresh and sharp.

Another advantage of wall stickers is that they can be applied to any kind of wall surface – wood, drywall, wallpaper – even brick and concrete!

There are any number of uses for printed wall graphics – here are some of the most commonly used:

  • Mission Statements/Core Values
  • History walls – Company Timelines
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Brand Identification
  • Receptions, Corridors and Conference Room Décor

So, if you’re looking for office branding ideas, then wall graphics printing offers you the chance to showcase your company’s values, products or services in an individually tailored display around your business premises.

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