Creating a distinct and recognisable brand image is key to any business marketing and to distinguish them from competitors. A key component in achieving that image is signage. Internal office signage is just as important as the company name and logo outside your premises. Signage that conveys strong standards, and a memorable first impression, should be the aim when you create and select your corporate design. Remember, your office signage provides continuous advertising for your brand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

What do you need to consider when designing your office signage?

  • Office branding is about much more than just sticking a logo on a wall – it’s about inventive and effective use of your corporate symbols and colours, married with the most appropriate materials, surfaces and finishes to create a workspace that is both aesthetically pleasing and informative.
  • With corporate signs you want them to, not only welcome, but also inform and instruct existing and potential clients and staff.
  • Aesthetically, your signage should be designed as an extension of your brand. It should provide a balance between the message, and image, you want to convey and effective use of the available space.
  • Your office signage should utilise all the relevant opportunities provided by the different spaces – signage such as reception signs and window stickers are of equal effect and impact as blank expanses of wall. Floor vinyls and vinyl lettering are an ideal vehicle for informative, and directional, information, incorporating the company branding and messages.
  • Consider the different aspects of your office signage – the typeface, colours, design and style that will best create a picture of what your brand represents. Make use of the different materials available to you – maybe brushed aluminium or steel, for that sleek, efficient image or, perhaps, vibrant and bright acrylic signage, if that better suits your brand and product.
  • Consider using brand-relevant names and signage for meeting and function rooms.

Why is office branding so important

There are many benefits of office branding but here are what we feel are the most important:

  • It creates a professional atmosphere – first impressions really do count – whether to an employee or a potential client. Clear, relevant signage, correctly positioned around a workplace creates an impression that you are equally professional and organised in all the other aspects of your business. As positive as that impression can be, also be aware that shoddy and confusing signage may make people doubt your product or service – people may assume if you can’t get your basic signage right, then how good is your product?
  • Staff motivation – quality office branding motivates employees which, in turn, has a positive effect on aspects such as productivity, attendance and loyalty. Employees appreciate a comfortable, creative space in which to work, so quality branding and office signage will foster a sense of corporate belonging and identity in setting a positive mood and work environment.
  • A consistent message – office signage and branding establishes corporate identity and culture by providing consistency. Quality corporate signage on the outside of your premises can lose its impact if, once inside your building, clients don’t see the same quality maintained. You want people to leave your corporate buildings with the impression that your business and services are of the highest quality and that you are fully committed to all aspects of your business.

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