Most businesses have to produce documents and forms of some kind for very many aspects of their daily procedures. In most cases, these documents will also require multiple copies to be produced for different departments or offices of the business, as well as for customers, clients and suppliers.

For many years, in order to prevent having to manually write separate copies for each recipient, this would have been achieved by the use of carbon paper, placed in between separate sheets of paper. When writing on the top sheet, the carbon paper would transfer the content onto a separate blank sheet below – this process however, could be quite messy and cumbersome – and the copies themselves not always tidy and professional!

This process could also prove time-consuming and expensive. Some businesses can produce copies of documents with photocopiers and other technologies, but that might not always be appropriate, nor convenient, for every business. NCR books and pads offer a smart alternative – many smaller and non-office based businesses can benefit greatly from NCR printing.

Most businesses will need to produce invoices for their customers and suppliers, among others, so NCR printing for tradesmen is a great tool for producing NCR pads to create instant duplicate invoices.    

How NCR paper works

It produces the same results as the older, messier carbon paper system, but in a much neater and professional-looking way. It’s a simple concept – the NCR paper is coated with a special dye on the reverse side of the sheet – when you write on the top sheet of the NCR pad, the dye automatically transfers the written content directly onto the sheet underneath producing an identical supplementary copy.

You are, effectively, writing numerous identical copies, but only requiring a single written action!

NCR pads & book sets

This is simply a pad, or booklet, created by having multiple sets of NCR paper glued together. The individual NCR paper sets can consist of two, three or four sheets to cater for the number of copies you need to produce, and these can be fixed together to form a booklet or NCR pad. An individual ‘set’ can be written, then simply ripped from the pad leaving the remaining NCR sets for use for the next customer, client or sale/invoice. Ordering NCR pads also makes storage of the items easier and is more cost effective.

Present a professional image

One of the first things a potential client or customer will notice about your company is your business stationery – so it is important to project the right image of your business by ensuring it appears professional. Having pre-printed, personalised invoice pads looks both professional and efficient to your clients, customers and all businesses with whom you trade.

Consulting an established, reputable printing supplier about producing personalised invoice books, and other business stationery items, will be a positive step for your business.


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