There are lots of ways of boosting your brand image – companies often spend fortunes on high-profile marketing campaigns – newspaper and magazine advertising, radio campaigns, business conferences and fayres and, these days, a whole host of different social media postings and platforms – along with the more traditional, tried and trusted printed advertising literature such as posters, banners, business postcards, leaflets and flyers of all kinds. There is though, an often over-looked form of everyday printed stationery that can be utilised as a smart, professional-looking advert for your company and won’t cost the earth – the personalised receipt or invoice book!

Personalised stationery reinforces your branding

Personalised stationery is a great vehicle for providing constant reminders to all customers, established and new, of your company logo and image. With every item of personalised stationery that carries your corporate image delivered to your clients, whether they realise it or not, your customers are receiving a visual reminder of your business. This is a highly visible, very powerful, subconscious reinforcement tool!    

Create a smart and professional image

Personalised stationery of all kinds portray the image of a smart, professional business organisation. Personalised receipt and invoice books do just that – you may be a sole trader, or a small to medium business, but the impression made through the use of personalised stationery can mask that status and create a customer perception of a larger, more corporate organisation. 

Strengthen customer relationships 

With every purchase or sale your customers deal with you for, personalised receipts and invoices will all carry your corporate brand and strengthen both your image and your relationship with that customer.

To further bolster that corporate perception, consider carefully the materials that you use for your receipt and invoice stationery. Whilst many smaller businesses still utilise the carbon papered copies receipt and invoice pads, replacing yours with high quality printed NCR pads and invoice books emblazoned with your company name and logo, will portray your business as modern and efficient, and further enhance the image of a larger, more organised company. As well as a much more ‘upmarket’ appearance, NCR printing produces stationery that is much easier to use – and certainly a lot less messy – which each and every one of your customers will appreciate!


We have been supplying a large and ever-growing range of high quality print products since the 1970’s. We supply business stationery, promotional products, printed NCR, signs, display boards, canvas prints, booklets, leaflets, flyers, labels, stickers, banners, posters, calendars, envelopes, postcards – you name it we probably do it. And if we haven’t before we’ll see if we can help you out.

To make life even easier for you, you can select from one of our many templates, upload your own artwork, or even ask our own brilliant in-house design team to create your artwork for you.

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