Businesses often spend substantial amounts of money on their marketing and advertising campaigns – but can they always tell how successful – or not – they were?

Print marketing success was, traditionally, roughly measured by observing a rise in sales, enquiries or new customers, but this was not wholly accurate. With the use of modern technology, there are ways to measure more precisely the effect, and value, of your promotional printing.

Here are some examples of how to obtain performance measurement from your print marketing campaigns:

Ask your customers

Your customers won’t object to you asking them directly, or completing a short survey, about your product or service. Establish how they came to contact you – was it actually through your print marketing campaign, some other form of your marketing strategy, or through some other source – word of mouth, recommendation, chance passing of your shop/premises?

Coupons and vouchers

Issuing customers with vouchers or coupons can be a good tool for providing feedback. Using digital printing, include a discount code in your flyers, posters and leaflets for people to use, or quote, when buying your product or service. The number of people using this code will give you some measurement of the success of your print marketing campaign – whilst it doesn’t tell you how many people saw the advertisement, it does definitively tell you how many actually saw the advertisement AND acted upon it!

Online traffic delivery

By including a customised URL in your print marketing, you can direct people straight to a specific ‘landing page’ on your website. As the only way to access this point is through the use of the URL, you can measure exactly how many customers have directly responded to your print marketing advert through this channel.

Making use of the modern phones by including a scannable QR code on your printed promotional material is another good way to get a measurement – as with the URL, the QR code can automatically direct customers to a specific point on your website, therefore telling you that’s where they got the information from.

Use a hashtag

Include a business-specific hashtag in your print marketing material. That way, when people use that particular hashtag when referring to your product/service online, it will provide you with a measurement of your online engagement through your print marketing performance.

Useful tip – it’s always worth incentivising your customers to give you feedback – maybe through discounts, special offers or corporate giveaways.


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