If you are a small business, especially if you are just starting up, it can sometimes be hard to get your feet on the first rungs of the marketing ladder.

From promotional printing to making yourself stand out from the crowd with print marketing, try our top tips to get yourself noticed in Nottingham.

Network amongst friends, family and former colleagues

When you are just starting up there is no better time to ask for help from friends and family but it can also be a good idea to network with former colleagues and business acquaintances. One of the most important parts of the marketing function is to raise your profile – so asking your current network to connect you with others that you may be able to count on as a potential customer or a potential partner is a really good way to raise that profile.

Word of mouth is often considered one of the most successful types of marketing – if others can vouch for your integrity as a business owner ask them to do so!

Attend local shows and events

Attending shows and events is a great way to connect personally with potential customers. When you are planning your attendance looking for the events that are most suitable to your business and that your target customers are likely to attend.

It’s important to think about the way that you will present your product on the day. Banner printing can be used to draw attention to your stall at an outdoor event, you may wish to use other print marketing such as flyers or leaflets to hand out on the day. It’s important to make sure that your customer is left with a positive reminder of your product and your business.

Brand your business premises

If you have business premises make sure the building is branded appropriately. If you can’t have permanent signage you could consider banner printing as an alternative. You may also want to use banners to direct people to your premises from another busier location. This kind of promotional printing will get you noticed if your shop or showroom is in an area without much passing trade.

Research local business groups

From the use of social media groups to target potential customers to joining and attending your local business groups. Your local groups will have plenty of people who will be able to advise on their own marketing successes and failures. You may be able to connect with a business that is a compliment to your own and have an informal partnership to share marketing materials, presence at shows, or simply to recommend your product to their customers.

If you are intending to network at these sort of business groups it really is important to invest in your own print marketing and draw up some business cards to present a professional image.


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