Whilst many people may associate modern marketing with social media, online and digital platforms, more traditional print marketing still plays a vital role in advertising methods. Printing services are still highly persuasive in the successful promotion of businesses from all arenas. Here are some examples of print marketing still in great demand:

Versatile Vinyl Displays

Outdoor banner printing is an effective and affordable marketing tool. Vinyl displays can be eye-catching and have a strong, immediate impact on a passing audience. A bright, creative design can proudly display your company brand, colours and message in bold format that grab the attention of all who see it. This specific form of marketing is versatile and hardy. Easy to install and remove, weather-proofed and lightweight, your printed vinyl displays can be located both indoors and outdoors and are ideal for business events, exhibitions, retail and industrial parks and retail complexes.

Branded Business Stationery

Branded stationery always adds that professional touch to your business. Coordinated stationery looks smart, organised, and impressive. If all your letterheads, envelopes, invoices, and marketing materials carry the same cohesive colours, format, and branding, they present a uniform and efficient business which is exactly the impression you want to make on your existing and any potential customers. Design and make your own business cards and notepads. These are items that people keep and use regularly so, if they carry your corporate branding and colours, they will act as constant reinforcement of your business and it’s brand, to your clients. Ensure your social media and website outlets carry the same format and branding to further highlight your company identity.

Eye Catching Vehicle Wrapping

Company vehicle graphics are an ideal marketing tool for small businesses. A company vehicle wrapped in the colours, logo and branding of your business will increase your marketing outreach to thousands of extra people on a daily basis. No other form of affordable advertising can achieve those figures. Company vehicle graphics will build customer awareness, encourage more sales and business, and therefore increase revenue. An added bonus to the increased business vehicle wrapping can achieve, the vinyl wrapping itself helps protect your company vehicle whilst on the road and save you maintenance costs over time.

Beautiful Bespoke Packaging

If your business dispatches your products to your customers then branded, bespoke packaging is a must! The first thing your customer sees when their parcel from you is delivered is the packaging. It’s the ideal opportunity to reinforce your brand, so ensure the packaging displays your company colours and logo. Your customer will then always have the positive association of your brand with the excitement of receiving their package.

Customers Love Labels And Stickers

If your business involves selling specific products then labels and stickers are ideal marketing items. They can be used to carry information on the product or simply to adorn the outside of the package. Either way, they can act as a prominent reminder of your corporate image and branding. Cheap and easy to produce, labels and stickers can act as effective promotional tools for your business in many different environments. 

Consistency Is Key

The most important aspect of your company marketing materials and tools is consistency, Ensure you create a brand that transcends all your different products and materials, and you will create a constant, consistent, and recognisable image of your business that will be a positive, professional image to all.

Printing Services

Consult with an established printing services company who will be able to advise you on all the available printed, branded items that you will need for a successful marketing campaign and future.

Choose John E Wright for your business printing

At John E Wright, we understand the importance of marketing to engage customers. Print marketing for your business helps to create a fantastic impact. With a huge variety of options available, we are confident we have the right promotional printing options for everyone.

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