With mass information and media available to us at all times through the internet, phones and television, it might seem sensible to question whether marketing booklets are still an effective tool for your business. However, now more than ever, business printing should be a key part of your marketing strategy. Read on to find out why.


We’re bombarded with information every day, making our attention span and ability to retain information less effective than ever. Having a physical copy of a marketing booklet which contains relevant, refined information is a great way to get your message to stick. Make sure you include full contact details, so potential customers know how to get in touch once they’ve had a chance to absorb your message.


Marketing booklets and brochures are easy to produce, and cheap booklet printing is readily available without compromising on quality. They are also extremely easy to distribute – whether you choose to do this at shows, events, in person or via mail.

Key messaging and brand

Online, there is an unlimited amount of space to say what you want about your business. When it comes to print, space is limited – meaning you must sharpen your brand messages. This is a great exercise in progressing and refining your key messaging to make it as informative and punchy as possible.


Regardless of the nature of your business, having some marketing booklets available for prospective customers creates a professional image as well as providing useful information. Simply having something to show and distribute which demonstrates your services instantly makes your business seem more reputable.

Imagery and photography

Marketing booklets are also a great opportunity to showcase your brand imagery and photography. Often, these too can lose their impact amongst the onslaught of media available online. In print, pictures have much more of a chance to shine and showcase your products or services.

So whether you’re looking to update or have never had marketing booklets about your services – now is the time to change it. Set the ball rolling to create cheap and effective marketing booklets for your business today!


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