Food packaging is an essential consideration for all food manufacturing businesses – large or small. Whilst larger businesses may have the capacity in house to print their own packaging or to outsource the work to a large print company, smaller businesses don’t have these options and need to find a cost–effective solution for a vital part of their product. Label printing is the ideal solution for smaller businesses – stickers can be added to generic packaging to promote your brand and to give important information to customers.

Making Sure The Customer Knows You

When considering food packaging it is important to consider not only the type of packaging you need practically but also the way in which you present your brand to your customers.

The packaging of your food product is the ideal place to make an impact with your branding to encourage a customer to pick your product from amongst your competitors. When choosing your sticker design it is important that your brand identity is clear and recognisable, you want your customers to be able to easily identify your product on the shelf.

What Is The Label Going On?

When designing your label, consider the container the label is being attached to – is it a jar, a plastic container, a cardboard sleeve? The type of container you are using for your food product will determine the type of label you choose. Sticker printing of food labels is versatile and there is a wide variety of choice when it comes to the different sizes and shapes of label that are available.

What Goes On The Label?

Labels are small. It’s important to consider all the things you need to fit on your label before investing in label printing. You’ll need to be able to fit nutritional information, ingredients, and allergen information on the label but you’ll need plenty of room for your branding as well. Don’t forget to include a product description, and contact information so that your customer can buy your product again!

Use Colour And Images

Once you have considered your brand and the essential food product information you must include on your label you can get really creative with your sticker printing. What colours work well with your brand and the food product itself? Are there any relevant images that fit in with your design that will make your product stand out from others?

Test The Market

If you’re now convinced that your label looks perfect for your food packaging – get some feedback! Be it valued customers, potential customers, or friends and family, it’s important to get feedback to finalise your sticker design before you place your order.


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