Complete book binding techniques

There are many different book binding methods that can be used on a wide range of documents such as dissertations, portfolios, books, product catalogues and multi-page brochures. John E Wright in Nottingham have a long history of providing binding services to businesses, students and publishers.

Alongside our high quality printing, we have all the services you need to produce a stunning document or effective marketing materials.

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Coated metal wires available in black, white & silver, accommodating A4 documents of just a few pages up to a block of print up to approximately 25mm in thickness. Wires can be cut to accommodate smaller documents or A4 short edge, and in some cases can be joined for binding larger A3 or A2 documents and sets of illustrations. We keep a range of types of card and acetate overlays which provide extra rigidity and durability to the bound document.


Punched rectangular holes rather than the round holes used in wiro binding, allows binding up to 50mm in thickness. Black or white combs in stock, full range of colours to order. Combs can be reused if adding pages into existing documents. Again we can add acetate overlays and card backings onto comb bound documents


Narrow ‘U’ shaped channel with an acetate overlay on the front and the back of each, does not require holes to be punched in the bound documents. Neater and less bulky than wire or comb binding, will accommodate documents up to approximately 25mm in thickness. Black coated channels in stock, other colours available for long bespoke runs. Suitable only for A4 documents


Narrow ‘U’ shaped channel with black, hard back cover & spine – similar to a traditional hard back book. 3mm up to 24mm spine thickness. This process is very suited to quick turnaround dissertation binding. A4 portrait only


Bound hard back book with embossed lettering on the front and spine if required, with a matt buckram style cloth material cover. Gold lettering can be applied on the front page using a maximum of three lines top & bottom and a maximum of 32 letter characters (including spaces) on each line. As an additional element we can gold block a single line of text on the spine of each book. As all text is set by hand we offer a next day service on this option. The system is a clamp binding type and as such it can be opened up and have replacement pages inserted but there would be a nominal charge for this. Lettering can be metallic gold or silver if required. A4 portrait only


Hybrid option using a hardback cover with the internal pages wiro bound and fixed into the outer cover. This is a good option for design books and we can offer not only A4 portrait/landscape, A3 landscape options. Full colour laminated ‘dust jackets’ available on request.


To a finished size of A4 portrait. Depending on paper thickness, we can produce booklets up to 48pp (printed pages) by this process.


Ideal for magazines and paper back/soft cover books. We can now offer digitally printed & perfect bound documents in short runs in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses. These are ideal for projects and dissertations where creative full colour printing is appropriate.

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