Branding is an important part of business, and business stationery, such as letterheads are good way to enforce your brand. Consistency of brand is also very important – essentially where every “interaction” leaves the same impression of the values you are holding up to your clients and potential clients.

Of course, this only works well for you if your brand is good, and hasn’t been tarnished in some way.  We can think of enough examples of companies with a global, identifiable brand – but where that isn’t necessarily a positive for them.  Whether it’s due to oil spills, tax evasion, child labour, or whatever – it can take an awful long time to recover.

So let’s assume for the time being that your brand is “good” – and whether it’s global and valued at millions of pounds (see below), or more local and perhaps not valued in millions but extremely valuable to you and your reputation, you want to keep it that way.

What exactly is “brand”

It sounds such a simple thing – the grouping of features that distinguish one seller’s products from another’s – but there’s so much to it.

Something as simple as a logo is a very effective way of distinguishing oneself from competition and generating a presence at the same time. The very design of a logo can be created towards targeting specific audiences and the creating emotional responses from people just by looking at it.

Additionally, branding can also be very complex, such as how you interact with your customers, fostering a certain image on the type of company you are.

In short, everything from price and packaging to reputation and its history is all part of what makes up a businesses “brand”.

Does it really extend all the way down to my letterheads?

Absolutely it does!  As we’ve mentioned each and every interaction needs to reinforce what you’re all about and be instantly recognisable.  Plus of course it always needs to project a positive and professional image.

So your logo, your web-site, your social media feeds, and all your business stationery – it all needs consistently to spread your message.  This is just as important in your letterhead as it is in everything else.

I’m convinced – So what next?

Here at Instaprint, we recognise the importance of branding and our letterhead printing service provides you a high quality and expertly designed letterhead.

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