When it comes to letterhead design, or any other form of business stationery design – from business cards to invoices, brochures to compliments slips – consistency is always king.

Your logo and branding are the means by which the world recognises you; it’s your corporate identity, and the subtle trigger which keeps you in peoples’ minds. And consistency is the key to both avoiding confusion and maintaining an image of professionalism and reliability.

And it goes beyond just the branding of course. Consistency in areas like the font, size and colour of the typeface used across business letters, brochures, emails and invoices gives the constant impression of a business which is clear about its direction; whereas variations hint at confusion. Think of it this way – if your customers see that you can’t keep your own branding consistent, that’s probably going to make them wonder if you’re able to keep your service consistent.

Here at Instaprint printers in Nottingham, we always approach business stationery design with consistency in mind. When we design a logo, or suggest an appropriate font, we know it’s crucial that the branding works across all its different uses. For instance, a logo must always look right, whether it’s in extra large format on a banner or exhibition display or the side of a van; or in miniature on a business card.

If you take a little time to notice the branding which you see all around you every day, you’ll see both good and bad examples. If we said to you “four rings”, you’d know straight away that it’s Audi we’re referring to. Whatever you see, whether it’s a TV advert, a billboard, or just a car driving past, that four-ringed logo is ever present and absolutely consistent; a great example of clear, consistent, powerful branding. And then at the other end of the spectrum there’s the local painter and decorator. It’s a fair bet that his business card has a clip-art image of a man with a paintbrush; his van probably carries a completely different image, perhaps of some colourful pots of paint; and his invoice is from a standard invoice book from a high street stationer. Not a trace of consistency, and no chance of him standing out from the crowd and being instantly recognisable.

But don’t worry that you don’t have the multi-million pound budget of the likes of Audi, because achieving this level of consistency in branding is neither complicated nor expensive. Simply talk to Instaprint’s experts in business stationery design, and we’ll look at what you’re doing already and give you all the benefits of our years of experience to create stylish, powerful and consistent branding for your business, however large or small.

So please feel free to contact us here at Instaprint printers in Nottingham on 0115 895 0134, and we’ll be delighted to offer our professional advice and assistance in improving the consistency of your brand across all of your business stationery designs.