Leaflets are an affordable and effective way to communicate information to potential and existing customers. The information contained in leaflets is usually fairly concise and may advertise a new promotion or an event, a new range of products or services that your business has begun to offer.

There are many things to take into account when you are creating your leaflet design and investigating leaflet printing.

What Information Should I Include On My Leaflet?

The detail of the information on your leaflet will depend entirely on the subject matter but there are a few key elements to include when designing your leaflet.

  • Do you have a bold headline that is descriptive and yet will catch the eye of your customers?
  • Is the message clear? Will your customer understand what your leaflet is about and what you are trying to say?
  • Have you written your content clearly, varying the length of your sentences and avoiding overly complicated wording?
  • Is your leaflet laid out clearly? Consider using sub-headings and bullet points to break the content down into useful sections.
  • Will your customer or prospective customer know why you they have received the leaflet? What do they need to do next? Consider whether your call to action message is clear.
  • Don’t forget your customers need to be able to contact you! Have you included all relevant contact details?

What Size Should My Leaflet Be?

In general, leaflets are often printed to be presented in DL size – though many other sizes are available depending on the subject of the information you wish to communicate you may wish to consider which size of leaflet will work best for the content and for your style of distribution.

Leaflets are one sheet of paper folded to enable you to add more content to the surface of the paper. Leaflets can carry much more information than a standard flyer which is usually a single sheet of paper.

Leaflet Design

If you are up to speed with graphic design software then you could create your own leaflet design and send it to a printers or upload it onto an online print shop. If you aren’t a graphic design fiend then many online print shops have a design team and will offer a professional design service.

If you are designing your own leaflet, make sure that you proofread your leaflet carefully before sending to print.

Leaflet Printing

Once you are happy with your finalised design, leaflet printing is a fairly speedy process.

Instaprint offer various packages with different processing and delivery times, from 5-7 working days to same day collection if you’re in a desperate rush.


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